HALLBECK ALYSSANDRAKI ADVOKATFIRMAN combines the years of experience, skill and breadth of achievement typically found at large law firms with the responsiveness and individual attention characteristic of smaller practices. With decades of experience spanning a broad array of legal disciplines, HALLBECK ALYSSANDRAKI ADVOKATFIRMAN brings the collective talents and abilities of its attorneys to its clients efficiently and effectively, and at far more reasonable rates than found at larger firms. At HALLBECK ALYSSANDRAKI ADVOKATFIRMAN, every client, large or small, receives personal attention from one or more of our highly rated attorneys—a value-added approach to our clients' legal needs.

Our Expertise

The attorneys at HALLBECK ALYSSANDRAKI ADVOKATFIRMAN are amongst the leading authorities in their areas of practice. They have extensive experience in civil litigation and trials concerning general business, real estate, employment, intellectual property and construction, as well as complex transactional matters. HALLBECK ALYSSANDRAKI ADVOKATFIRMAN represents a wide range of clients including Fortune 500 companies, individuals, small businesses, and local government agencies and districts. Our award-winning attorneys and staff have built strong alliances within the business, real estate, and legal communities throughout Sweden in order to best serve the needs of our clients.

Our Cost-Effective Solutions

By reengineering the traditional law firm approach, HALLBECK ALYSSANDRAKI ADVOKATFIRMAN is able to offer exceptional service and results at a lower overall cost to its clients while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. While HALLBECK ALYSSANDRAKI ADVOKATFIRMAN generally serves its clients on an hourly rate basis, its flexibility allows it to consider innovative fee arrangements that best serve the interests of its clients.